representation in a contested court proceeding initial retainer of $3,000.00.

All services billed at the rate of $320.00 per hour plus H.S.T.

It is preferable if the parties can negotiate settlement without having to initiate court proceedings. The parties may consider attending mediation or negotiating a separation agreement. These options are often far cheaper than going to court and allow the parties to maintain greater autonomy in the process of reaching a settlement. Having said that, there are circumstances in which the parties have no option but to commence a court application.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict with any accuracy as to what the costs of litigation will ultimately be. The complexity of the matter, the number of unresolved issues, and the conduct of the parties are all variables which can influence the cost. Upon being retained, I require an upfront retainer in the amount of $3,000.00 which is deposited into a trust account.

This is your money that I am holding in trust for you. I bill at the rate of $320.00 per hour for all services performed on your file. I issue bills in smaller amounts so that you will know exactly how much of your money has been spent and how much you have left in trust. If your trust monies are running low, I will notify you before they have been exhausted.

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