uncontested separation agreement initial retainer of $2,000.00. All services billed at the rate of $320.00 per hour plus H.S.T.

An uncontested separation agreement is essentially a contract between you and your spouse in which you resolve the issues that have arisen as a result of the breakdown in your relationship. In preparing a separation agreement, there are several steps to be taken.

First, I meet with you to gather information and to take instructions in order to come up with a general ‘blueprint’ as to what the final agreement will look like.

Second, I will contact the opposing party to put him or her on notice that I have been retained and that you wish to negotiate a separation agreement.

Third, once I have received your financial disclosure and that of the opposing party, I will prepare a draft separation agreement for your review. Once you have approved of the draft, I will have you execute the agreement and will forward a copy to the opposing party to be executed.

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