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I was referred to Anthony to defend me for the continuation of spousal support and a life insurance policy.  It had been a long term marriage of 20 years.  I was informed that there was a chance that the court may look upon my case as ‘double dipping’.
When my appointments were scheduled, I always felt there was a complete focus on my case.  Anthony kept me well informed of the status of my case.   If I had any concerns or  did not understand information that was presented to me, he would explain it  in a comprehensible manner.  Our paperwork was always submitted to meet the required court deadlines, even when sometimes he had only  a short time frame to make it possible.  When we attended court, I felt Anthony was well prepared to defend my case in a confident and professional manner.
The outcome resulted in me receiving continued spousal support, the life insurance policy, granted court costs and the case becoming a Precedent.
DG, St. Catharines, Ontario

Anthony offered his legal advice about my circumstances.   I had already brought my ex to court.  I was more than willing to hand my case over to him.  With the trust and confidence that he would protect my children from any future harm.

 Anthony treated me with the utmost respect.  His calls, emails, and any correspondence was delivered to me in a timely fashion.  He was sympathetic and understanding towards myself and my children situation.

I have sole custody, any access with the children and their mother is at my discretion.  Everything I wanted in court Anthony got for me.

 Anthony my children thank you for protecting them.

 I wanted the best lawyer to protect my children.  That’s what I got with Anthony.

Anonymous, Brampton

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